Written Testimonials

  • Before I decided to make the move to real estate I was a manager at Enterprise Rent A Car making about $65,000 a year and I just knew I wanted something different. 

    My name is Gray Welton from Jupiter, FL, I’m 27 years old, and I have been in real estate for a total of 12 months. From day 1, I was enrolled in the Andrew Lacey program. I had no idea what to expect and I had absolutely no idea how to even do a real estate transaction. I was introduced to Andrew by my mom, and John Holland at NV Realty Group, in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. All they could say was if you’re going to do real estate do it this way and join the Lacey Program it will change your life. Andrew is a true Diamond in the rough. When I first joined Andrew he had 40-50 students and, yes it was pricey. When I heard everyone’s numbers at the first program I went to, within a week of getting my license, it was jaw dropping. How? What? Who? When? These realtors were spending little to no money on marketing, and doing 30-180 transactions a year making $200,000-$1,200,000 a year. That’s insane. Between all the agents the Average #of transactions was around 45 and the average income I believe was around $350,000! Why wasn’t everyone doing this program? The moment truly hit that it would be worth every dollar after doing a 2 day seminar. It was mind boggling to be honest. 
    Fast forward 12 months from day 1, and I have taken 47 listings, completed 38 transactions, totaling just over $17,500,000 and currently have 6 active listings and 2 under contract going into year 2. I made $248,000 in my personal take home commission, my first year in real estate. Everything Andrew Lacey has taught me, showed me, and told me what to do has been absolutely life changing. It’s simple, it’s easy, I spend more time at the gym, on the boat, playing golf, doing things I love, than I ever had working another job and I’m making 4 times as much as I ever have. And take this into consideration I’m probably doing 10% of Andrew’s program the way I should be. But it’s no wonder how many of the agents in the program with me are making $400,000+ a year. I cannot stress this enough, Andrew’s program can and will change your life. It’s simple, it’s simple, and it’s simple. People look at me and think what I’m doing is Amazing and they ask me questions and ask what I do and I tell them. But the only way to have change is to change yourself and this program will simplify your life, down to the basics, of getting on the phone, seeing the people, and doing more real estate transactions than you could ever imagine yourself doing. Andrew is truly my Diamond in the rough and has absolutely changed my life. It’s almost scary how bringing back such basics and charismatic in Andrew’s Scripts truly play a part on the phone, during presentations, and negotiating offers. Andrew Lacey is absolutely amazing. 
    - Gray Welton - Jupiter, FL
  • Andrew what an incredible year and it is because of you! Your continued motivation and support has been absolutely phenomenal. I am starting my 18th year that I have worked with you and I have sold well over 950+ homes during that time. Thank you for being an amazing coach!

  • This has been my best year with Andrew financially, and I am hearing the message differently! When I keep my attitude right, my focus and determination is unstoppable! I now say every morning it's going to be a great day as soon as my eyes open!!  

  •  I am so thank you for how you have helped me Andrew.... 92 closings already this year!!! ! 117 closed in 2021! This year will certainly surpass last year and it was amazing in itself!! The impact you have on me and so many others is incredible!!

  • If it were not for Andrew Lacey this year, I would have been absorbed in the negativity of the world and therefore unable to make money. Instead I kept working, calling, prospecting, and turned the TV off for the most part. I have had the best year best of you!

  • There is so many ways Andrew has changed my life it's very hard to only talk about one-two or more. The way I act and carry myself more professional. The way I conduct business not letting the world control me. Andrew has created a better way to conduct business and give agents a better quality of life. There is no better or truer friend and who cares more about his clients than Andrew Lacey.

  • Thank you for my life! There are no words to fully convey my gratitude! Before I met you I was making $11,000 and closing 4-5 homes a year.....and working all the time...early mornings, late nights and weekends!

    I had 79 closings this past year, 2021 and already this year I've had 50!! I have more listings and pendings and I truly work less. I do not work weekends and I am home having dinner with my family every night! The Lacey Way is the ONLY WAY. All of this would not be possible without you!

    - Marie Graziano Easley, SC
  • I first met Andrew in 2003, in Charleston, SC. A fellow agent had mentioned that I really needed to come see him, he said Andrew could help me grow my business. I had a lot of respect for this fellow agent and decided to go. Shortly after meeting Andrew I joined coaching and was with him for the next 3 years. I worked with Andrew in 2004, 2005, and 2006 and had the best 3 years of my career.
    In 2007 I dropped out of coaching and when into management. The market crashed in 2008 and my real estate business struggled for several years. Andrew always tells us to stay in touch with our past clients and he was practicing what he preached. I got a call from his office and was invited to a 1-day program, saying Andrew was coming to Charleston in February of 2019. I was again in the process of rebuilding my real estate business and knew there was no one who had been able to help me besides Andrew, so I decided to go back and see if I could get re-energerzied.

    Not only had the real estate business changed, Andrew had changed 1000%. I had never heard him share the things he was sharing, which really intrigued me. I dove in and made a quick decision to get back into coaching. I started back in April of 2019 and ended the year with 32 closings. As the country was struck by Covid, everything was in a tailspin and I was worried how this may affect my real estate career. Andrew told us all to keep working, don't watch the news, go out every day with the intent to help people. He told us to stay focused, come in each day and get on the phone and prospect to help people. That's what I did and ended out the year 2020 with 41 closings. With huge momentum already in full swing I just finished out my 3rd year with Andrew in 2021 with 91 closings!! Incredible!! I absolutely cannot wait to see what this year has in store! Thank you Andrew I know 2022 will be even better with you by my side!!

    - Sean Jager Charleston & Greenville, SC
  • Andrew you are by far the Greatest Real Estate Coach on the Market today! If anyone wants to make a mistake and try another coaching company, tell them to call me before they waste a year of time and thousands of dollars. The cost of coaching is not the biggest expense, the biggest expense is ALL the business you lost by not following the Andrew Lacey Way. When I consistantly follow your system it all just falls into place and my income goes up every year!