Tried and tested tools and resources for those
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  • How to Communicate Effectively in an Uncommunicative World (Pre-Order)
    Unlock the secrets to separate you from the rest of the World. Through the 'How to Communicate Effectively in an Uncommunicative World' book you will become equipped with the tools to communicate effectively by listening completely, observing everything, being calculative in everything you say, and always showing kindness. Pre-Order your copy today!
  • The 7 Most Important Beliefs to Generate Business (Pre-Order)
    "To change your belief is to change your life" - Andrew Lacey

    Transform your sales career with the power of belief. Inspired by Andrew Lacey's journey from average to one of the top 10 sales producers in the United States. 'The 7 Most Important Beliefs to Generate Business' book unveils the core beliefs that can propel you to success. Pre-order your copy and begin the journey to a life-changing sales career!
  • On Demand: Insights from a Thousand Coaching Calls (Pre-Order)
    Gain exclusive access to the recordings and wisdom of over a thousand coaching calls with Andrew. 'On Demand: Insights from a Thousand Coaching Calls' offers you on-demand access to over 1,000 recorded calls, providing you with invaluable lessons and strategies for personal and professional growth. Pre-order your access today and start unlocking your potential!
  • Zoom, Zoom, Zoom: Weekly Coaching for Business Acceleration

    Elevate your business with 'Zoom, Zoom, Zoom,' a weekly coaching series led by the master of sales and communication. For just $250 per month, you'll receive 50 calls a year, each lasting 45 minutes to an hour, packed with information, scripts, and proven strategies used by Andrew's top producers over the last 20 years. Sign up now and zoom your way to success!

  • Order the Full Suite and Save $120

    We have bundled all of the CD's and DVD's into a package with a discount from $920.00 to $800.00. This $120.00 savings is worth a great deal because this suite of products will provide you with all of the tools necessary to transform your real estate business.

  • Master the Listing Presentation DVD
    This DVD features Andrew Lacey in a live listing presentation where he meets with a husband and wife in their home to discuss the sale of their property. This video will help you get mentally prepared prior to the appointment, will help you master the greeting, the walk-thru, the presentation and the close. With a variety of assumptive closes and objection handling techniques, this video will help you master your listing presentation and obtain more sellable listings.
  • Overcoming Objections

    This phenomenal CD will help you secure more listings by artfully overcoming the 20 most common objections. It was recorded with a live audience of seasoned agents that provided the objections they deal with on a daily basis. In many cases, Andrew provides several ways to overcome the same objection.

  • 30 Minutes Until Prospecting

    This CD is designed to help those individuals who have trouble getting started each morning with their prospecting. Listen to this before you begin & not only will you be mentally focused but also totally prepared to take charge of every situation that may occur while prospecting.

  • 30 Minutes Before Listing Appointment

    This CD is designed to help agents prepare before going out to the listing appointment. Listen prior to the presentation & be focused & ready to help this seller so you walk out the door with the listing!

  • Live Listing Presentations
    These are actual listing presentations done in the homes of expired listings and For Sale by Owners. Listen to Andrew overcome objections & stay in control on the listing appointments.
  • Live Prospecting

    This is actual prospecting Andrew has done in the office. Real calls with expired listings & For Sale by Owners. Learn the scripts and master your prospecting skills.

  • Listing Presentations From A-Z

    On this audio CD Andrew will give you a step-by-step guide to a successful listing presentation. You will hear him role-play with different scenarios & help improve your presentations. This is great to play while driving to the listing appointment and will certainly improve your closing skills.

  • How to Prospect Daily

    One of the hardest things to do as an agent is to prospect consistently. Andrew tells how to stay on track, remain focused, and increase your productivity without spending money through prospecting.

  • Building Your Business Series

    This series was recorded at one of Andrew's annual 2-day kick-off event. It is a 9 CD collection that covers a vast array of topics pertaining to real estate. It will help you analyze your business as it is now & will show you how by making simple changes you can be twice as productive. The class covers topics such as goals, attitude, standards, time management, prospecting, & listing presentations.

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