SINCE 1995

The Lacey Group is a real estate training organization that has been helping agents achieve great success with their real estate business since 1995.

Who We Are?

The company's founder and CEO is Andrew Lacey. He is from Spartanburg SC and spent the first half of his life overcoming obstacles that most agents are faced with today. He simply did not have the skills to succeed at a very highly productive level in real estate. After several years of having very little success, Andrew dramatically changed his focus and became one of the highest producing Realtors in the world.

Andrew Lacey dropped out of college and entered the Marine Corps. He was fortunate to be one of only a very few servicemen to guard President Carter and President Reagan. He then entered real estate in 1982, worked very hard and had little success for the next 9 years. Barely making ends meet, he was determined to find a better way to perform real estate and changed his entire approach by learning to be proactive. Through trial and error, for the next 5 years Andrew wrote "magical scripts and dialogues" that not only helped him sell hundreds of homes each year, but also has helped thousands of agents succeed at levels they would have never thought possible.


We train agents to be extremely effective and highly successful.

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