The Lacey Group Real Estate Training

                                                      EMAIL OF THE MONTH

          "Andrew, I sold two homes last week, took two new listings, and closed one. Over the weekend I sold three more homes. This week I am putting three new listings on the market and next week will have three more! Today, I have 27 active with 9 pending to close in the next 5 weeks. Every day I now have a calm excitement and a focus knowing that when I show up great things will happen! I cannot imagine running my business any other way than the way you've taught me. Forever grateful, Dianne B - Atlanta, GA  


             June 25th & 26th Intensified Training seminar - Atlanta, GA

                                          July 16th Rockville, MD

                                         July 17th Springfield, VA

            July 23rd & 24th Intensified Training seminar - Springfield, VA

                                        August 6th Augusta, GA

              August 13th & 14th Intensified Training - Augusta, GA



                              The 180 Teleconference Program

This is 30 minute monthly teleconference program led by Andrew. It is a wonderful tool for staying on tract and piped in to Andrew's teachings. Agents love this program!! Call for further details & get involved!! 

Who are we?

The Lacey Group is a real estate training organization that has been helping agents achieve great success with their real estate business since 1995. The company’s founder and CEO is Andrew Lacey. He is from Spartanburg SC and spent the first half of his life overcoming obstacles that most agents are faced with today. He simply did not have the skills to succeed at a very highly productive level in real estate. After several years of having very little success, Andrew dramatically changed his focus and became one of the highest producing Realtors in the world. Now his company helps agents succeed by teaching some very simple, basic real estate concepts..... [Read more...]

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This is simple. We train agents to be extremely effective and highly successful. In fact, The Lacey Group has formulated a simple, easy to follow business model for Realtors that strips away all of the things that do not produce income and focuses only on immediate dollar producing activities. The Lacey Group’s teachings are not based on theory. Nor are they based on the best new way to market yourself. They are based on what actually worked for Andrew and include activities that he learned and implemented to take new listings and write offers every single day. These activities include: seeking new business each morning, effectively communicating with buyers and sellers each day, attending listing appointments, showing property and writing contracts...... [Read more...]

Why Do We Want to Help You?

You may want and need to make more money. Maybe you want to have a more fulfilling personal life. Selling real estate is a great career and with the learned skills Andrew has acquired through his own experiences, The Lacey Group is determined to help you achieve whatever dreams and goals you desire. Quite simply, we want to help you and we will do whatever we can to do just that...... [Read more...]