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Quotes from Managers

" As a manager, I taught people what you taught me when I was an agent. Having standards and goals helped me treat my business as a business. I began with an office that had never been profitable and within 2 years, I made it profitable. As a manager I was able to help improve my agent's lives with what I had learned from you and in a more indirect way you were again helping me build a strong profitable office.

I know that what you teach works and in my opinion is the best way for any agent to increase production immediately. I have referred a number of agents to you in the past and for those who were willing to do the work, success has come.

I will continue to refer agents to you in the future because I know that you will help change their lives and make them more successful. One of the most rewarding aspects of being a real estate broker is hiring a new agent and helping them succeed. It is obvious to me that you feel this way too and that helping people reach their goals is more important than just a paycheck."

-Paul Foster
Long & Foster Realty - Regional Vice President

"Thanks to you, several of my Sales Associates are now prospecting everyday and our listing inventory has increased dramatically. They are more focused and are looking at their business as a business and not waiting for things to happen. They are actually making it happen!

I still cannot get over how Bill Branham has changed. His quiet confidence shows through in the way he looks and acts. It is amazing! And listing almost 20 houses in two and one half months is fantastic!

Sales Associates are not easily fooled. They have commented to me that you are the best motivational speaker they have ever heard and your systems and scripts work for them.Our market in Charleston has changed from a Seller's market to a Buyer's market and the mindset of my Sales Associates has been slow to face that reality. After your training sessions, they are finally sticking to their price recommendations and commission splits! Your scripts are real and so are you!"

-Pam Griffin - Manager
Coldwell Banker United Realtors

Since you were here about a month ago for your training, our office has really taken off! 69 listings for the month of June! It has been the best listing month we have had since the hot 2005 market. Yesterday was extraordinary, 10 residential listings in one day.

I should also add we had 69 closed transactions sides for the month of June. We currently have 44 sales in process for July, 26 for August and 11 for September. As you say in your training, if you have the listings, sales will follow! I only wish you had come six months earlier! The positive attitude for the office is the best it has been since the spring of 2008! Thank you and we look forward to your next trip to Knoxville!

-Bill Mullins - Manager
Coldwell Banker Wallace & Wallace
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